Christmas Dinner

December | 12 AM

ASDA Tin Collection

December | 12 AM

Winter Reception

November | 06 AM - 09 AM

Networking Evening with entertainment and meal.

East & North East Area Social

October | 06 AM - 09 AM

A social event for ast & North east area clubs.

Heritage Walk

September | 03 PM - 04 PM

Walk covering various historical and interesting monuments in the borough ending in a BBQ.

Summer Reception

August | 06 AM - 08 AM

Networking Evening with BBQ.

Kids Out Day

June | 09 AM - 04 AM

A full day of outdoor activities including a circus and picnic for kids with special needs

Robert Hunter Founders Dinner

April | 07 AM - 10 AM

Dinner held in memory fo District Governor form our club. Fund raiser for District Foundation.

Stroke Awareness Day

April | 10 AM - 04 AM

We screen people for blood perssure and provide them more information on stroke.

Spring Reception

Coming up

Older Folks Party

Coming up - 04 AM

Networking Evening with entertainment and meal.

Flower Planting

Coming up