About Us

What is Rotary

With its presence in more than 200 countries and wide geographical areas, Rotary Foundation is a collection of business professionals and community leaders which works to help the society as a whole. There are more than 33,000 rotary clubs in different areas of world and they are open for all, irrespective of caste, creed, culture, religion. Their main objective is to serve the humanity. Their motto is Service above self.

Rotary is an effort to empower youth brigade and offer them a chance to develop their personal skills. This makes them aware of the problems faced by the world. Rotary is a community where like-minded people come together and work together to reduce the problems of the society.

Such clubs also encourage young kids 7-12 years of age to make a difference in the society and generate new ideas. They are involved in small fund raising programs in local schools and sponsored events.

We also organise programmes for young people aged 12 to 18 years by involving them in fun and learning activities. Such programmes are conducted in secondary schools / colleges and organised with an annual frequency of two projects.

Rotaract is a unique international service organisation for people of age groups between 18 and 30 and gives an opportunity to young adults to meet new people, make friends and contribute in social cause which will be beneficial for entire society. This gathering also gives a chance of personality improvement and promotes better relations between people worldwide between people and service. Rotary regularly conducts youth exchange programs, which in turn gives thousands of young people the opportunity to visit various places around the world, meet new people, experience different cultures and discover various aspects of life. Students get a chance to rediscover themselves and experience a different way of life, learn a new language and make new friends.

Rotary Club is actively involved in scholarships for graduates and post graduate students at overseas universities aligned in six areas of focus –

  • Peace and Conflict Prevention
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Economic and Community Development

This also makes for an opportunity to work at one of the international centres that specializes in peace and conflict resolution. Rotary Club meetings connect you with a diverse group of professionals to discuss about various community needs, expand leadership and professional skills. It also gives you a chance to catch old friends and meet new ones.

Rotary Club of Barking – Our History

Rotary Club of Barking was chartered on June 19, 1929. We have been serving the borough for more than 85 years. It was established with the objective to facilitate meeting new people, having fun, putting something back to the community and enjoying new experiences. Our main activities include a variety of projects in the areas of community, kids with special needs, health, literacy etc. Throughout the year we organise events that either directly help a cause or raise money for it. Our club gives you an opportunity to join leaders to take action on important issues affecting our community, our nation, and the world. We also have a lot of fun — whether we’re socializing or working together on service projects. We strive on 4 core values:

  • Fellowship - we build lifelong relationship
  • Integrity - we honour our commitments
  • Diversity - we connect diverse perspectives
  • Service leadership - applying leadership and expertise to solve social issues through service

Throughout its existence, the one unified aim of Rotary has been to encourage its members to vocationally give back to the community, nationally and internationally. The Rotary Club is a service-oriented organization which has been constantly striving to make a positive impact in the world.